UV Sterilizer

UV Phone Sterilizer

UV Light Sanitizer box with Wireless Charger for smartphone size up to 6.5 Inches and earbuds

mobile phone sterilizer uv sanitizer box uv sterilizing box for phone and small thing earphone earbuds


Product Outline:

1. UVC sterilizer light:270-285nm  
2. UVA Sterilizer light:320-400nm 
3. Sterilizer rate:99.9%
4. Sterilization time: 5mins
5. Wireless charging power: 15W
6. Input: DC 5V/9V/12V  2.0A Max  (QC2.0, QC3.0 Recommendation)
7. Output: 8V/9V/12V 1A Max
8. Size support: Smartphone size up to 6.5" and all small stuff smaller than 6.5 inches
9. Certifications available: CE/FCC/PSE/ROHS/QI/Sterilizer test report

phone cleaner uv light sterilizer box sanitizer box for phone and small devices


ring sanitizer bacteria and virus killer uv light uva uvb wireless charger 15w

Small thing below 6.5 Inches sterilizer

15watt phone charger with cleaner sanitizer box sterilizer box keys cleaner

15Watt Wireless Phone Charger

23 April 2020

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